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[meme.mine] The Return of the Wednesday One...

Okay, I started this forever and eight days ago, back when my buddy list was, like, twenty people. Let's see what I can make of it now, with nearly a hundred.

Here're the rules:
I ask a question. You answer it. Simple, yeah?
The catch is... you interpret what the question means. It's gonna be generic, vague, general, and sometimes really random. Answer it with the first thing that comes to mind, the last thing that comes to mind, hell, anything that comes to mind. Show your work, kiddies. I wanna know how you got where you got!

So the question is:
Why'd you do that?

C'mon, you can't resist it. And I really want to see some of you wicked clever people out there participating. *nudges chaosvizier, city_of_dis, djkangal and wordmaster73*
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