October 4th, 2003


(no subject)

I know that you are probably going to end up reading this, and at this point I really just can't care. I am so tired of putting myself out there for you, of being available to you when it is convenient for you. I just keep getting this feeling like if I am that important to you that you would go out of your way some of the time to try and make time for me. I have to be a little bit selfish here and say that I am important, too. And it's not just that I am always the one that has to try and make the plans. It's also that you say that you are going to call or be there, and I keep my schedule open to accommodate - when I could be going out and LIVING MY LIFE!!!!!
I really care, and I really need to know if you do, too. If not, stop wasting my time and stop hurting me like this.