October 13th, 2003


The best asses at Faire.

In honor of the upcoming last weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, I put for my list of the best male asses at Faire. It is actually two lists. Some people may appear on both lists, as one is garb, and the other is "naked" or out of garb. Entries are in no particular order, just as they come to mind.
Please feel free to send me your comments - I will be updating this list on Saturday and Sunday night, based on new entries and observations. If you would like your ass on the list, please let me know, either by comment, or at Faire.

In Garb: Jim, the blonde from the cannon game down by the Dragon Inn, Louis the Moor, Stubbs, Rodney

"Naked": Rodney, Jim, Alec, Nelson from the Rogues (you can't usually tell in the kilt)

So far, a short list, but as I think of more, they will be added.