December 10th, 2003


Because I am a silly, follower type monkey.

You are The Midnighter.
The Midnighter was a secret product of the labs of
Henry Bendix, part of his Stormwatch
"Academy" program, the members of
whom were duped into becoming Bednix's personal
Stormwatch team. One of many individuals given
superpowers by that ruthless personage, he lost
his original identity in the process. He was
transformed into "Night's Bringer of
War", a living weapon designed to
"hit thing's until they don't work
anymore. The Midnighter automatically analyses
every situation he is in as a combat scenario,
his computerised senses instantaneously
checking out multiple battle strategies until
he has located the best one to win the fight at
minimal effort. To aid him in the actual fight
he has heightened reflexes and strength, and a
superb knowledge of most forms of combat.

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