December 17th, 2003


My horoscope for today....

Your Daily Horoscope for December 17, 2003
Dear Kerri,
Today you might want to take off and enjoy yourself, Kerri, and perhaps even get out of town, but responsibilities and obligations might keep you anchored to the home base longer than you'd care to be. However, your level of efficiency continues to be high. Focus on getting done what you need to accomplish as quickly as possible, and then make your escape. This should prove a stimulating and exciting evening. Don't let frustrations over other things get in the way of your enjoying it!

Okay, this is too funny. Right now I am hating work and really don't want to be there. Both of my bosses are being anal retentive and nit picking and basically driving me nuts. It's because they have nothing else to do right now but nest in my ass. Tonight the crew is going to see ROTK - it better be stimulating and exciting or I might have to be really upset with Peter Jackson!
Gotta run! Already late for work.