July 14th, 2004


bloody hell.



I cut a big chunk out of my finger and Danni was in the office this afternoon.

See? Bloody. Hell.

Typing is quite a challenge, and trying to wash eleven cats tonight should be highly amusing.

I am so smart. S-M-R-T.

EDIT: This was my horoscope today:
There is no need to frown when another person walks by, Kerri, just because that person may be unknown to you. We must break this habit of living our lives in fear. Take active steps towards curing this trend by not stepping down when strong forces try to intimidate you with their brute strength today. Promote the pictures of peace and serenity that you have stored inside your head. Bring more of your innards outward.

Somehow, I'm thinking that bloodletting was not what was meant by the last sentence. Leave it to me to have it turn out that way.
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