May 8th, 2005


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Official stance: total neutrality and understanding. Everyone has to deal with things in their own way.

Personally? I am pissed the fuck off at this point by the unending bullshit fall-out in my life. Grow up. Really.

Have a problem with me? Tell me to my fucking face and stop bitching about it to your friends. Things ain't gonna change if you keep me in the dark.

And no, not directed at who you might think it is. You want to know, grow a pair and ask me.

(no subject)

Per the comments posted here, a calendar seems to be in order. Got a date you want innocentxv, me or anyone else to remember? Gimme comments, people. I'll get a calendar together.

Consider it the Freak Family Date Calendar. My blood family has one of these. My aunt keeps track of all the special dates - births, weddings, etc, and sends out a list every so often.

So, gimme the info and I'll get it together.
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